Monday, February 11, 2013

Namma Kapi--Go Local

Espresso, Indian style. We call it decoction (pronounced digeshan in colloquial Tamil)
Now that is Cafe Machiato in making (called Filter Coffee locally)
Photo taken on blackberry at a joint in the Pondicherry-Chennai route called Only Coffee. Serving Degree Coffee from Kumbakonam in pure brass vessels.
Oldest and most famous coffee joint in Chennai. Coffee is yumm strong here.
Some places have memories. This restaurant in Pune, amongst many things, served coffee for a student me in University of Pune days.
The one photograph that should have been here is the Calcutta Coffee House (or College Street Coffee House)--where I had my first infusion (black coffee) served by a uniformed waiter. So I provide a video link to this memorable place:


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