Friday, October 12, 2012

New Mexico-As I Saw Her-II

A lake in the Bosque near Rio Grande, Albuquerque
Winter 2006, Albuquerque

July Fourth Canyon

Crater Lake

A National Park in Northern New Mexico

Horses at an Acquaintance's house, Chama

Double Rainbow, somewhere in New Mexico

New Mexico skies
Near Sipapu

Stream in Sipapu, near the Disc Golf Park

For Part-I of this series go here.
For a write-up on New Mexico, go here.


  1. Loved these pics. Sharing. Just a word of caution. Pics as good as these often tend to get "borrowed." If you do not mind that (like I dont), then fine, but if you do, watermark all images, preferably a large transparent one across the center. It detracts from the image, but keeps you safe. I notice you have it for some and dont for some.

  2. Pic "Snow 2006 Alberqueque" reminded me of snow in Rhode Island 2004. The snow stayed on the tress and branches like a canopy and it was so beautiful, like a blanket of white.. Didnt know it snows like this in new mexico too. And July 4th Canyon of fall colours. Great pics Bhavana. Asha

  3. Amazing photographs, Thank you so much.

  4. You make me miss New Mexico, too....glorious days..

  5. The second photo is so beautiful, I keep wanting to come back to it often, beautiful captures.....

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  7. beautifully captured... esp second one...

    thanks for sharing

  8. Lovely and well captured amazing pics.
    Keep it up, I agree with Subrop's suggestion
    but not the suggestion of "preferably a large transparent one across the center."
    I am sure "across the center" one will take away the beauty of the pic,instead at
    the bottom or at any side will be ok.
    Keep inform,
    Can I borrow one or two pics from here for my tree blog. Thanks in advance


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