Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Only, Not Dead

I saw her sitting on the edge of a raised platform in village Kustana, Odisha. She sat there, eyes closed, oblivious to people passing by or my camera but her firm grip on her stick and her vibrant set of bangles showed she was in control. I wondered what she thought--of days gone by or of dreams she still had. Dedicated to all seniors who have much love to give and get!


  1. Incredible shot and a heart warming post, Bhavana :)

  2. dunno what her vibrant set of bangles would be looking alike, coz the colors have faded away due to the age ! but the wrinkles are making amazing design. the muscles visible over her fingers, makes them more beautiful. ageing should be accepted with grace :) it would then be beautiful.

  3. very true .. the lines on the face show the experiences she has had in life and all she has learnt..

    lovely picture


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